20 december – lucka 20

And since it gets a bit silly without the dots and rings above the a and o’s I decided to write in English instead. Until I can get the laptop connected again at least.

Another day without photographic evidence I’m afraid.  We did not do that much yesterday, after all that travelling we were a bit tired. Even when you can sleep okay on the plane your body knows it has been travelling between different time zones. We had a nice meal, Swordfish with a salad and a glass of white wine. We stayed up as long as we could and then just crashed. A good nights sleep and a shower and now ready to get going again. This morning at 7 am it was only +16 degrees! I think the sun has warmed it up a bit more now by 10. Yesterday was not too hot because there was a breeze, a fairly strong one. So, have a nice Saturday.

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One Response to 20 december – lucka 20

  1. Anita says:

    Hoppas du kan läsa å,ä och ö även om du inte kan skriva det 🙂

    Härligt att höra att ni börjar acklimatisera er efter den långa resan. Och den där måltiden med svärdfisk får det att vattnas i munnen varje gång jag tänker på den 😉

    Jag har just vaknat upp till en vintermörk morgon med de vanliga plusgraderna. Det är alldeles tyst ute. Alla verkar sova ännu. Jag ska leta lite julgodisrecept på nätet innan jag gör frukost och sticker iväg till frissan.

    Ha en härlig dag. Det är väl mitt på dagen hos er just nu.

    Kram Anita

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